Varentec™ Partners with Flex to Manufacture ENGO™ Grid-Edge Real-Time Control Devices

November 2nd, 2015

Partnership positions Varentec to deliver ENGO devices in high volumes and with world-class quality to help utilities increase their range of energy control and reduce technical losses

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 2, 2015 — Varentec, a leader in next-generation distributed Volt/VAR control and grid edge management solutions for electric utility distribution systems, today announced that it has selected Flex to manufacture the Varentec ENGO devices for sale to utilities in U.S. and global markets.

The partnership positions Varentec to rapidly scale production to support broad deployment of ENGO devices, which in combination with the Varentec GEMS software platform, helps the industry meet its needs for grid edge Volt/VAR control solutions. These systems can be deployed as complete, stand-alone distribution solutions by large or medium size investor-owned utilities, as well as small municipal utilities and cooperatives. Utilities can implement the technology to serve a variety of business objectives, such as reducing technical losses, implementing energy savings, energy efficiency and demand response solutions, or helping postpone investments in fossil fuel generating capacity, under routine daily operating conditions and in the context of high distributed PV or wind penetration.

“Flex has worked closely with us to help ensure that our ENGO devices will offer uncompromising quality that will support broad customer acceptance of the technology,” Dufosse said. “Thanks to Flex’s expertise, we have been able to finalize our manufacturing and test processes to ensure that ENGO is an economically viable and a world class quality product compliant with the most stringent quality standards such as ANSI and IEC.”

“Flex is proud to be Varentec’s manufacturing solutions partner, helping to bring their innovative technology to market,” said Scott Graybeal, Senior Vice President of Energy at Flex. “Varentec is a leader in new grid edge technology, and we are excited to support the commercialization of their grid edge control solution.”

About Varentec
Varentec provides innovative solutions for the next generation of power grid control. The Varentec ENGO™ devices are deployed on the secondary side of the distribution grid to control voltage and reactive power in real time and eliminate grid edge voltage volatility, even when high numbers of distributed PV solar systems are deployed on a feeder.

ENGO devices coupled with the GEMS software platform provide a complete, stand-alone solution to Distribution Utilities. In deployments across the U.S. and Canada, Varentec’s technology has achieved unparalleled energy savings of 5% or more through voltage reduction while significantly reducing technical losses.

Varentec, ENGO and GEMS are trademarks of Varentec Corporation.

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