GEMS: Grid Edge Management System

The ENGO Volt-VAR Control solution relies on a simple but powerful software application— GEMS. GEMS is a web-based software platform that can be leveraged in different ways for field device control and data visualization. From supervisory diagnostics and maintenance to real-time voltage visibility and tracking, GEMS is a focused application that provides unprecedented visibility to voltage across a network.

Many AMI systems do not report voltage back to the operators, and those that do may only provide a few measurement points per day, with a long lag time. GEMS can provide voltage visibility in real-time, or at prescribed intervals such as 1 hour. In the plot below, refreshed in as little as seconds upon demand, a grid operator can see the high, low and average voltage at each ENGO installation point, at a glance, for an entire feeder.

GEMS Snapshot

This level of visibility is key for detecting low voltage areas, voltage volatility, or for implementing Peak Demand Reduction or Energy Savings.

Access via a standard web browser, GEMS can also be used as a control gateway to dispatch a voltage set point to manage and access individual, clusters, or an entire fleet of ENGO units. Voltage set point dispatch is similar to that used for Cap Bank or Voltage Regulator control, and can be set once and left alone (such as a 235V setting to avoid voltage ever going below 235V) or set frequently for a variety of Demand Management methods.

Unlike other Volt-VAR software control systems, GEMS provides a grid operator the ability to monitor and verify the effectiveness of the solution at each individual control location and enable an immediate response at that location. This provides confidence and validation that the ENGO hardware devices are effectively achieving the desired voltage control.

ENGO+GEMS solve a number of issues facing today’s utilities.

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