Edge of Network Grid Optimization (ENGO)

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The electrical grid is undergoing a rapid transition from centralized power generation to smaller distributed power generators, closer to the consumer—to include renewable energy like solar and wind. In addition, utilities are being demanded to increase overall efficiency and reduce peaks in energy demand. While these issues might seem small, the current grid is built and reliant on old technology and infrastructure. Historically, antiquated electromechanical devices—including capacitor banks, line voltage regulators and load tap changers, have provided voltage and VAR control as the only option to electric utility operators. But with dramatic changes impacting the electric grid today, including PV solar, energy efficiency and Peak Demand Reduction, a new class of voltage and VAR regulation is needed.

Real-Time, On-Demand Volt-VAR Control

The ENGO-V10 unit (10 kVAR) is a dynamic VAR source that can be mounted either on a pole top, or on a meter pedestal, adjacent to a service transformer, and is connected on the customer-side of the transformer. ENGO units are designed to operate autonomously and regulate VARs to control voltage at its point of connection, operating in concert without communication with multiple such units deployed along a feeder at the edge of the electricity distribution grid.

The unique, independent control of the ENGO-V10 unit enables fast and accurate regulation of reactive power and voltage at the point of connection. By deploying ENGO-V10 units at the Grid Edge, the local challenges of Volt-VARs are solved, and the entire feeder is better optimized to serve consumers.

A key feature of ENGO is the speed of installation and deployment. ENGO-V10 units are deployed on the secondary-side, but there is no need to power down customers during installation. Best of all, ENGO units can be installed by a single person. And when a sufficient number of ENGO units are installed on a feeder, the result is a flat voltage profile and consistent power factor correction along the distribution feeder.


Even though ENGO devices do not require peer-to-peer communication, a group of ENGO devices can act together autonomously to provide positive system level benefits. VARs injected on the secondary side can help to support the primary side by a unique “self-balancing” phenomenon. This occurs as a result of the dynamic shunt VAR injection of ENGO devices operating in unison with each other – much like a symphony.

Monitoring, Management, and Optimization of Volt-VARs
ENGO-V10 units work in concert with GEMS software, allowing real-time visibility into activity of any and all ENGO units deployed on a feeder.

Key Features

  • Variable voltage support (0-10 kVAR) per ENGO device
  • Self-balancing system level impact due to swarm behavior
  • Fast sub-cycle response with no fighting between devices
  • Multi-microprocessor design with built-in diagnostics
  • Multiple communications options
  • Scalable to deliver VAR support for feeders over 10 MW
  • Pole or Pedestal-Mount

ENGO+GEMS solve a number of issues facing today’s utilities.

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