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Varentec is a leading provider of grid edge solutions and allow utilities to more effectively increase energy efficiency, manage peak capacity, and integrate renewable faster and easier, and improve system-wide reliability. Read more about how Varentec’s solutions are assisting utilities worldwide with the shifting energy ecosystem.

Dynamic Grid Edge Control: A Critical Gap in Realizing Smart Grid Benefits
This white paper shows how grid edge control devices can be used as shock absorbers to manage volatility and to improve precision of voltage control along a distribution feeder. Gaining control of the grid edge will allow utilities to fully realize the benefits of many grid modernization programs, including advanced VVO/CVR schemes, peak demand management, line loss reduction, as well as reliability/quality enhancement.

Grid Edge Control: A New Approach for Volt-VAR Optimization
Through field demonstration of 91, 10 kVAR devices on a 13 kV, 6 MW feeder, up to 5% CVR, 72% reduction in voltage volatility, 80% reduction in voltage unbalance and feeder level dynamic var control using the proposed grid edge control is presented.

ENGO+GEMS Solution: Primary Asset Life & Maintenance Benefits
Varentec’s ENGO devices act as “shock-absorbers” for the grid by flattening the feeder voltage profile and ultimately relieve operational burden from primary side assets—Load Tap Changers (LTCs), Line Voltage Regulators (LVRs) and Switched Capacitor Banks (SCBs)—increasing life and reducing maintenance of primary assets.

Grid Edge Control: Regulatory Considerations for Grid Modernization
This paper discusses the technology and regulatory challenges facing the utility industry as it strives to modernize and control the grid, and introduces a new paradigm for viewing and controlling networks from the edge of the grid—illustrating new “grid edge” technologies can give utilities the tools they need to improve efficiencies and effectively incorporate high levels of distributed energy resources such as PV solar.

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