Peak Demand Reduction

Mitigate the costs and economic losses associated with peak demand.

To ensure consumers receive power during times of peak usage and demand, utilities must purchase enough generation capacity and transmission capacity to meet demand. The costs associated can be exorbitant, and the loss potential for over purchasing can cost a utility even more. By applying Varentec’s ENGO+GEMS solution to reduce peak demand on their distribution feeders, utilities can mitigate the costs and economic losses that are associated with serving peak demand.

Peak demand reduction is attained by applying ENGO+GEMS as a conservation voltage reduction (CVR event) technique, during times of peak demand, to operate at the low end of the acceptable voltage supply. The technology facilitates this by using ENGO devices to equalize voltages. With voltages stabilized, utilities can optimally reduce the voltage on the feeder lines that run from substations to homes and businesses. The technology can reduce peak demand by as much as 5 to 7%, as shown below, without affecting consumer services. Conventional CVR techniques, by comparison, reduce peak demand by just 1.5 to 2.5%.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce peak demand by as much as 6%
  • Reduce technical voltage losses
  • Reduce watt losses
  • Drastically improved grid-side energy efficiency


ENGO+GEMS reduces technical voltage and watt losses on distribution feeders, which improves grid efficiency and, ultimately, saves electrical energy through reduced distribution system losses. The solution can be applied as a grid support tool for improving the quality of the power supply, ensuring that all consumers on a feeder receive equivalent service quality and reliability without exposing any consumers to undervoltage conditions, even during peak demand time. The solution increases reliability and capacity to improve overall grid-side energy efficiency.

Distribution utilities can use Varentec’s ENGO+GEMS to reduce the need to purchase high-priced peaking capacity on an ongoing basis, and vertically integrated Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) can reduce distribution system peak demand to offset or defer the need to invest in increased generation capacity. ENGO+GEMS be used during emergency peak periods to improve system stability because it reduces the risk of blackouts associated with overloaded systems and avoids the need for load shedding.

ENGO+GEMS helps extend the life of primary-side assets because ENGO devices act as “shock-absorbers” on the grid, flattening the feeder voltage profile and ultimately relieving the operational burden on load tap changers, line voltage regulators, switched capacitor banks, and other power- or service-transformer assets. Anytime ENGO devices are deployed on a system, primary assets operate less frequently, which increases the service life and reduces maintenance needs of each asset.

Deploy ENGO+GEMS at your utility and realize even more benefits.

Deploy ENGO+GEMS at your utility and realize even more benefits.

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