Grid Edge Support & Efficiency

Flatten feeder voltage. Reduce voltage volatility. Reduce technical loss. Facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources.

Varentec’s ENGO+GEMS as a Grid Edge voltage support and visibility solution reduces line and transformer technical losses on distribution feeders. Invested-owned Utilities, municipal utilities and coops can apply features and functions on an as-needed basis—in real-time—to improve grid performance and efficiency, reduce operating costs, and deliver reliable services evenly to all consumers.

Key Benefits

  • 72% reduction in voltage volatility (across a distribution feeder) — 21 volt spread reduced to 6.
  • Improve Grid Efficiency by reducing technical losses (watt loss reduction, volt loss recovery)
  • Dramatic improvement of power supply quality (elimination of ANSI violations)
  • Enable 3-6% in peak demand reduction and energy savings
  • Lifespan extension of primary assets

The Importance of Grid Edge Support & Efficiency
Varentec’s ENGO product offers today’s electric utilities a true “set and forget” solution for chronic low voltage and dynamic voltage issues on distribution power networks. Alternative remedies to solve low voltage at electricity customers are costly and labor intensive, involving investigation and equipment upgrades that may not solve the underlying, intermittent and variable problem.

Because electric utilities strive to provide highly reliable electricity to their customers, at the lowest energy rates possible, low voltage and power quality issues create barrier to the success of electric grid operators. Chronic low voltage locations on power networks are a reality. Varentec’s ENGO solution both detects the low voltage condition, continuously, and corrects the voltage in real-time, as shown below:


Technical losses and voltage volatility forces utilities to operate at higher voltages than actually are actually required, yet consumers at certain parts of a feeder can still experience low voltage problems. Compounding the issue is the high penetration of PV and the increased presence of nonlinear loads. In these scenarios, utilities must manage voltage volatility on the secondary side dynamically—in real-time. The voltages vary to such an extent that similar consumers with similar usage profiles might see variances in their bills that range up to 10-15%.

To counteract these challenges, ENGO devices act as “shock-absorbers” on the grid to remove voltage fluctuations and help utilities recover technical losses to maintain a consistent voltage for the length of a feeder while freeing up capacity. In addition, by recovering both watt losses and technical voltage losses, the solution eliminates the wide voltage swings experienced by different consumers on a feeder.

Because ENGO+GEMS stabilizes feeder voltages, it can be applied as a grid support tool for improving quality of the power supply. When the solution is implemented, both medium- and low-voltage distribution grids operate close to the minimum voltage level without exposing any consumers to undervoltage conditions. Improved power quality also improves service and operational efficiency because the utility receives fewer voltage-related consumer complaints that must be investigated in the field.

Reducing technical watt losses on a feeder provides specific performance and business benefits to utilities. Without a solution, technical watt losses are significant, typically representing 6% of power delivered in North America, and can force a utility to distribute and/or purchase more power than it actually supplies to its consumers. By implementing ENGO+GEMS, a utility can set and maintain a power factor that is close to “unity” to reduce technical watt losses by 10%.

Through commercial implementations of its ENGO+GEMS solution, Varentec has demonstrated the technology’s ability to recover technical losses to improve performance and efficiencies while reducing operating expenses. When used for loss reduction functionality, the solution provides a high internal rate of return (IRR).

Utilities that deploy ENGO+GEMS can take advantage of its many other functionalities. Varentec’s ENGO+GEMS solutions addresses the issues of today and the future!

Deploy ENGO+GEMS at your utility and realize even more benefits.

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