Energy Savings

Deliver service voltages at optimal levels at all times while delivering 3-5% energy savings.

Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) is a way for utilities, munis and coops to lower energy consumption and system voltage without requiring a change in consumer behavior or usage. The traditional approach to CVR requires control of system-side voltage equipment—specifically capacitor banks, line voltage regulators and load tap changer. Unfortunately, this approach cannot effectively manage unexpected secondary voltage drops—resulting in undervoltage events for consumers and ANSI violations for the utility. To address these issues and effectively reduce and conserve voltage, utilities need to manage and optimize voltage at the Grid Edge.

Key Features

  • Reduce energy consumption and lower consumer bills
  • Improve grid efficiency (technical loss reduction)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions through energy savings
  • Deferral of distribution load growth
  • Deferral of generation assets

ENGO+GEMS delivers service voltages at optimal levels on a 24/7/365 basis. Utilities can tailor their use of the technology to meet their own business objectives. Key applications include reducing the need to generate and/or purchase additional energy; and reducing energy consumption and technical losses to meet regulatory and legislative goals for improving grid efficiency. The solution benefits society and the environment because less energy is used to meet the same load, which helps reduce CO2 emissions. Consumers also benefit because they receive lower energy bills without any change in the quality of their services.

ENGO+GEMS is distinctive as a CVR technique because it can be used to achieve regulatory or legislative energy efficiency objectives from the supply-side without requiring the engagement of consumers. This is a benefit compared to demand-side management (DSM) solutions, which require that consumers agree to use energy only when it is cheapest.

ENGO+GEMS facilitates CVR 24/7/365 by using power electronics devices installed on feeders, close to consumers, to flatten and equalize voltages, as shown below:


Utilities can then reduce the voltage on the feeder lines that run from substations to homes and businesses. This capability enables utilities to operate their distribution grids at the low end of the acceptable voltage supply without exposing consumers to undervoltage conditions.

In field deployments, ENGO+GEMS has enabled utilities to achieve 5%-7% reductions in voltage and thus 3%-5% energy consumption while delivering services evenly to all consumers on a feeder.

When applying ENGO+GEMS for energy savings, utilities can take advantage of the solution’s many other functionalities. The solution reduces technical voltage and watt losses on distribution feeders, which improves grid efficiency and, ultimately, saves electrical energy. It also frees up capacity across the entire grid. The solution can be applied as a grid support tool for improving the quality of the power supply, ensuring that all consumers on a feeder receive good service quality and high reliability. It also helps extend the life of primary-side assets, because ENGO devices work as a buffer on the grid, reducing the operational burden on grid equipment.

Financial Benefits for Utilities

Varentec’s ENGO+GEMS provides operational and financial benefits to utilities. It helps utilities meet regulatory and legislative objectives for energy efficiency and provides benefits to consumers, society and the environment as a whole.

Deploy ENGO+GEMS at your utility and realize even more benefits.

Deploy ENGO+GEMS at your utility and realize even more benefits.

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