Our Directive

Vision: Stability, efficiency, and reliability at the dynamic grid-edge for affordable, clean energy

Mission: Deliver grid-edge intelligence through ubiquitous and cycbersecure hardware + software control solutions

Our Values

  • Dependability: Our customers can count on us. Our team and organization are every bit as reliable as our products and services.
  • Resourcefulness: We love opportunities to figure out how to get challenging things done. We lead the way by innovating solutions to problems that are ahead of the curve.
  • Tenacity: We will not rest until the problem is solved, the job is done, the goals have been achieved, and our customers are delighted.
  • Responsiveness: Just as our technologies react instantly to grid conditions, our people are always ready to tackle whatever challenges come our way.
  • Expertise: Knowledge is power. We expect ourselves to know, learn, or discover everything that needs to be known in order to fulfill our vision and accomplish our mission.