Senior Hardware Engineer

Job Description

This is for a full-time position in Santa Clara, CA for one senior hardware engineer to design, develop, and test electronic products for the electric utility grid from concept to manufacturing and provide support to end of life.


  1. Work with other engineers and product management team to establish requirements and help develop PRDs.
  2. Designing and simulating power/analog and digital circuits against established requirements and functionality, while accounting for impact of parasitics and non-idealities in the operating behavior.
  3. Selection of passive components such as capacitor, resistors and inductors, and sizing and de-rating per industry standard for operation in harsh environments.
  4. Establishing requirements and deriving design parameters for custom components such as magnetics for long life and high reliability.
  5. Selection of semiconductor devices such as SCRs, MOSFETs, diodes and sizing and de-rating per industry standard for operation in harsh environment.
  6. Define and help design embedded firmware for microcontrollers in optimally controlling semiconductor and electromechanical devices.
  7. Help carry out PCB design effort that include:
    1. Schematic capture of electrical designs.
    2. Design PCBs with industry standard (IEC/UL/IEEE) approved creepage/clearance distances for components and traces while ensuring PCBAs are designed for manufacturability (DFM), testability (DFT), reliability (DFR), and cost (DFC).
    3. Design PCBAs with thermal considerations such as having adequate trace size, thermal relief vias, and optimal placement of components.
    4. Design PCBAs with mixed signal (analog and digital) traces and ensuring signal integrity is maintained at all speeds.
  8. Carry out system and sub-system design validation testing (DVT) for new electrical designs or changes to existing design with operating voltage spanning 120 – 480VAC using oscilloscopes and power meters.
  9. Carry out reliability testing efforts to validate new design or design changes are in compliance with long life and reliability.
  10. Help carry out industry certification testing efforts such as the ones defined by FCC, CE, CSA.

Requirements Education:

  • BSEE, or MSEE with minimum 5 years work experience in related areas


  1. Solid 5+ years of experience with taking a product from concept to volume manufacturing in the areas of power electronics and mixed-signal PCBAs with comprehensive testing and qualification experience against industrial and utility standards.
  2. Over 5 years of experience developing product with high reliability and life for harsh outdoor environment.
  3. Understanding and working knowledge of characteristics of magnetics and capacitors.
  4. Understanding and working knowledge of semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, SCRs/Thyristors, as well as design of gate drivers and snubbers. Understanding of parasitics and how they influence operation of these semiconductor devices and techniques to manage such parasitics.
  5. Experience in developing test fixtures for electronics, power, digital design, and related areas.
  6. Understanding and working knowledge of microcontrollers, DSPs, and/or FPGAs in terms of designing a board with such ICs.
  7. Understanding and working experience in designing for manufacturability (DFM), for testability (DFT), reliability (DFR), and cost (DFC).
  8. Possess good understanding of thermals, mechanical and packaging challenges.
  9. Programming skills: C, Verilog/VHDL, Python, Matlab
  10. Experience with test equipment like oscilloscopes, function generators, data acquisition devices and programmable environmental chambers.
  11. Write engineering requirements, test plans, and validation reports.
  12. A high degree of mathematical ability and computer literacy.
  13. Schematic capture & simulation:  OrCAD/PSpice, Matlab/Simulink
  14. Circuit analysis: power dissipation, stress, isolation & grounding, EMI & RFI shielding techniques.
  15. Familiarity with the design process: Requirements, architecture, development, test, and integration.
  16. Outstanding work ethic and positive attitude required.
  17. A high level of initiative and a proactive nature.
  18. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  19. Strong organizational and time management skills.