This full time position is for an engineer to perform simulation and data analysis of power systems with an emphasis on the electric distribution grid. This position entails hands-on simulation and data analysis of the impact of new, innovative, dynamic, distributed power electronics technologies on the electric grid using commercially available simulation tools and open source software. The results of the studies performed have high impact in that they are shared directly with customers and used internally by the engineering, marketing and sales teams.


  • Perform modeling and simulation of complex distribution systems with different types of assets such as line voltage regulators, load-tap changers, capacitor banks, cables, overhead lines.
  • Support customers and interface with them for technical support
  • Perform statistical data analysis using disparate power systems data sources to generate insights
  • Provide support for the marketing and sales team (pre- and post-) by developing use-cases using simulations and load flow studies of various future scenarios
  • Help in creating documentation, writing reports and preparing presentations


  • Strong fundamentals of electric power systems and electric circuit theory especially polyphase systems
  • Background in control systems and understanding of controls for various types of distribution assets ranging from slower assets like LTCs, LVRs, Cap banks, and faster assets such as power electronics inverters, UPFCs, STATCOMs etc is a plus
  • Experience with distribution modeling and simulation studies
  • Proficient in the use of some of the commercially available power system modeling tools such as CYME, Synergi, Windmil, OpenDSS, PSCAD, MATLAB Simulink, RSCAD, Powerworld etc.
  • At least 3 years of modeling and simulation experience related to power systems (load flow, short circuit studies, volt-VAR optimization, stability studies); utility experience is a plus.
  • Familiarity with smart grid technologies, such as distribution automation, Volt/Var optimization, distributed energy resource integration
  • Ability to communicate, collaborate and interact with clients and other project team members
  • Ability to articulate complex concepts and present material with clarity
  • Demonstrated technical writing skills
  • S./M.S. in Electrical/Power Systems Engineering, a PhD degree is a plus